In the May 19th issue of Steppin' Out magazine, Sandra Bullock's worst nightmare, Michelle "Bombshell" Mcgee sits down with Chaunce Hayden for an exclusive interview and shows off a new high fashion look. Bombshell tells Hayden about her idea for a reality tv show and clears up the misconceptions about her.... As for the nazi stuff...."Get over it people!" Bombshell also tells Hayden that she wants to meet Sandra for lunch (Ummm..okay) and talk things over..... The tattooed scandal queen also wants to do Playboy and might entertain doing a porn video down the road.

Michelle "Bombshell" Mcgee


I'll be attached to Sandra Bullock's name for the rest of my life. It's really bizarre. It's kind of weird. It should be a happy time in her life. She shouldn't be worried about this. She should be enjoying her time with her baby and celebrating. So I do feel bad about all this other stuff. I'd like to sit down and talk to her over lunch. I don't expect that she would do it though. But having been in that position myself at one time, I would really like to sit down with the "other woman" and have a heart to heart with her. But I don't ever expect her to do it. But I would do it.


I'd definitely be up for doing a reality show where I travel around the world and visit various tattoo removal experts and let them try to clean my body of all this ink. The show would feature a new place and expert each week and hopefully another tattoo gone. But the end of the season all my tattoos would be removed and I would be back to normal. I really want to do that. I think it's a great idea. Let's do it!


The biggest misconception about me is the whole Nazi thing. It got so blown out of proportion. People think I'm this hating crazy kind of person. People think I'm a racist and a white supremacist. I'm none of those things. The swastika tattoo is such a none existent part of my life. I shouldn't have to defend it all the time. Everyday I have to deal with it. Okay people. Get over it. People love to villianize me and it gives them something to focus on. It gives them a reason to hate me. If I had a black baby or a Chinese baby it wouldn't make any difference. They just want a reason to hate me.


I used to have a different perspective on things. I believed if a man cheats it's horrible. But now I think men are made to spread their seed. Women need to accept that. If you're going to be married to somebody you need to know that men are not meant to be with one woman. I think you can totally love your spouse and still sleep with other women. That urge will always be there if you're a man. I believe you can love your wife 100 percent and still stray.


I don't believe in sex addiction. It's just an easy way to explain why you cheated. Bullshit.


I was so attracted to his looks. He's just adorable. When I met him I totally fell for his personality. He's so charming and so funny. We had a great chemistry. We clicked right off the bat. But if he wanted me back I would turn him down. I just don't date liars. He hurt me and he lied to me. We're in this crazy situation right now because of what he did. So right now I would say no. Absolutely not.


I would consider doing a porn video in the future. But not right now. My kids are at an age now where they see that kind of stuff. I'm trying to get out of stripping and adult entertainment. But if Playboy called I would definitely do it. There's a difference between artistic nude and straight up pornography.


I don't have a reaction to the story about Tiger Woods and me. It's not something I can talk about at this time. I can't comment. As for the other women, I don't hate them. They have to live their life they way they live it.


I'm not looking for love right now. It's on hold. I'm just trying to take care of my kids. My heart is broken. I understand how men work. I don't think all men are dogs and cheat. But it has been hard. I always seem to pick the wrong guy. I keep looking for tattooed guys. But most tattooed guys aren't the most responsible people in the world. My criteria for a guy now is very low. He just needs to have a car, drivers license and job. You would be amazed how many guys I can't find with that criteria. All I seem to find is guys with egos and drug problems. If you know anyone, let me know.


Everybody thinks the Tiger Wood's mistresses made millions. They didn't make millions. One girl got paid off. She got 10 million. What did the other girls get? Really nothing. People keep telling me I could have made millions on this story. But it wasn't something I was going after. I guess I could have shopped it around and gave it to the highest bidder. But it is what it is. I wasn't looking to get rich. I do know that In Touch had their number one selling issue of all time because of my story. But I really didn't know what people got paid for those kind of stories. I had no idea. I'm not losing sleep over it. When you die you can't take it with you.


I Regret tattooing my body. It's my biggest mistake. I would never do it again. The second biggest regret is marrying my husband. That's all I regret.

Editors Extra: After reading this story, we kinda like Michelle and agree with her on so many things. She shows another side of herself, not the fake image the tabloids are printing.


Anonymous said…
Oh come on - she is a very immature and selfish person. It's all about "I" and "me" and she justifies her having sex with a married man in so many ways. Why does she think Sandra is hurting so much? Sandra's got so much humanity and goodness in her that she is over Jesse and all his women. She's moving on. Bombshell should move on too and not keep harping on how she slept with Jesse and how it hurt Sandra and that she wants to have lunch with her. Poor innocent Bombshell who didn't know how much stories like hers could get. That's why she's milking it now for whatever it's worth and you guys are lapping it up.
James Edstrom said…
Thanks for the comment!