Celebrity chef Frank Tramontano currently featured with Giada DeLaurentiis on the Food Network’s popular “Behind the Bash” series offers up some top chef’s secret tips to make you the King of the Grill. The Grand Diplome graduate of Paris’ famed La Varrenne Culinary School is a whiz whether it’s haute French or down-home B-B-Q. The native Long Islander who has run top restaurants from The Hamptons to New York to Palm Beach has the following suggestions for those who venture to crank up the grill this weekend. Frank will be a regular on Times Square Gossip, live from the star studded Hamptons.

Frank Tramontano With Giada DeLaurentiis

“When making kebobs - whether vegetable, chicken or seafood - I soak my wooden skewers in Chardonnay for 1 hour to add an interesting flavor to the food, says Chef Tramontano. He also has this tip. “When grilling vegetables, never oil the vegetables too far in advance. Try moistening and seasoning with olive oil, Kosher or sea salt and cracked pepper no more than 15 minutes before grilling”. A mistake cooks often make is to take meats out of the refrigerator and toss them on the grill. Chef Tramontano says, “Bring meats to a cool room temperature to assure even cooking. As well, leave ample space between foods when grilling to ensure even flame around the foods you are preparing and to ensure even cooking. Another common slip is in the handling of food that has often turned a picnic into a nauseous nightmare when food gets contaminated, He advises, “Always place cooked foods from the grill on a clean fresh plate. Do not place cooked foods on the plate used to store raw foods. This will prevent cross contamination – and a sick tummy!”. In coming weeks, Chef Tramontano will be sharing some great summer recipes and new products from his new “Ever So Saucy Foods” line guaranteed to not only cut your time in the kitchen but make you look like a professional chef. If you have a question or are looking for a new recipe to dazzle your friends and family and earn yourself Top Chef status, please contact him at


Brian Canivan said…
Well, Mr. Frank Tramontano is such an amazing talent. It is remarkable what he can do with food! Some people work with paints while others work with various other materials. Frank's pallet is food, and what an amazingly diverse palette he has to work with. Thank you Frank.
Anonymous said…
you made me sick!!!!!