Vinny Parco

Good News:

The Association of Legal Medical and Investigative Experts (A.L.M.I.E.) had their monthly meeting Thursday evening at not so secret My Little Secret restaurant . A.L.M.I.E. is an elite group of Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Handwriting and Investigative experts who get together to network, share ideas and refer cases to each other. Every month they meet at different fine restaurants in N.Y.C. Some of the honorees who have presented the distinguished “Nick Vasile Award” include Michael Baden, M.E., Judge Leslie Crocker Snyder and Jerry Georgio , NYPD(Ret). Membership is by invitation only.

Carol Ward, the Executive Director of both the World Investigators Network and the National Council of investigative and Security Services has been named as Administrative Manager of the World Association of Detectives. She is a real professional and we wish her well. The P.I. Museum is on the road. BEN Harrol the founder and curator is bringing the old time tape recorders, cameras, books and memorabilia to Northern California courtesy of the California Association of Licensed Investigators(CALI). Ben is trying to get the public aware that there is a museum for and about Private Eyes. He started this project with his own money and now has support of many groups.

Bad News:

Which NYPD detective working as a private security guard at a night club called the Green House allegedly assaulted a patron before he got in the club ,and then arrested him to cover up the beating he received from the other two security guards? Which duty Captain allegedly covered up for him by having the victim arrested. There are cameras in every club in NYC and the incident was caught on tape and secured by Internal Affairs my sources say.The officer who assaulted a bike rider was convicted the other day for lying on his report about the incident. More cops are getting in trouble lately .They should know there are cameras everywhere.

PI Gossip

Is it true that there is a sniper in NYC targeting drug dealers. My sources say there is one, but the police will not verify this rumor. I reached out to members of the force and no one is confirming or denying this rumor. It appears that the general public is to be kept in the dark. If it is true then he is doing a real service to the city, but if he shoots an innocent person then he is is a perpetrator not a hero.

Editors Note: Vinny Parco of the famed television show Parco PI, will now be writing now and then on just about anything he wants. From Investigations to the Police department, Parco will give us all the gossip. No one knows New York City like Vinny Parco and he's going to show us the good, the bad and the ugly!

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