Miley Cyrus

Pop star Miley Cyrus is defending her decision to quit music. She is insisting she has grown disillusioned with the "contrived" music industry. Miley has moved on to acting now with her first adult role in "The Last Song," and is confirming that she wants to concentrate on her movie career. The star insists she felt forced to step away from making music, because she grew tired of record label bureaucracy. She told Britain's Daily Record, "I just feel like the industry is so contrived and political right now. If people stepped away and said, 'We're not going to work like this, it's more about out art than the politics,' then maybe it would go back to being respected again. "I'd rather be in an industry that I feel like I can be different in, and do things that really inspire me. It's not that I don't love music, I do. But I feel like I just need to get away from that for a little while."
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna