Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt Is being ordered to take a six-week break from the hit reality show 'The Hills', and undergo anger management classes after he allegedly lost his temper with a show producer, according to a new media report. Gossip about the star's departure from the show went all over the Internet yesterday, amid claims Pratt will be taking time out of television to work in the cyber security division at American Defense Enterprise. However, it has now emerged that bosses on the MTV series told Pratt to leave the show for a period of six weeks, according to UsWeekly.com. A source tells the publication, "All of that stuff about him leaving 'The Hills' to fight cyber crime is not true. He is leaving 'The Hills' for six weeks because he was asked to. "He got so crazy that he screamed at (the producer, saying), 'I should kill you for even asking me to do that!'" Following a complaint from the producer, executives allegedly ordered Pratt to undergo an anger management program to ensure his future on the show, added the snitch.
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna