Sweet revenge: In this weeks Steppin' Out magazine, Alessandra Torresani, who stars in the new Syfy drama "Caprica" tells Chaunce Hayden what happens when a guy cheats on her...... It ain't pretty.

Alessandra Torresani

I'm not that bad ass. But I'm Italian and Jewish. It's a bad combo. I've actually beaten down ex-boyfriends! Nobody f**ks with me. Let's just say that. I'm crazy. When a guy who I'm dating doesn't respect me and would rather be with other girls, I quickly make it known I don't take that. I've had boyfriends leave me for models. So the best revenge I can think of is being on billboards on every street in New York and Los Angeles. I hope they see that the girl they left me for don't have posters all over major cities just about them. I don't need any Karate skills. My show ["Caprica"] speaks for itself.


Unknown said…
Any body who leaves Alessandra Torresani for another girl doesnt deserve it better.
Unknown said…
Clearly Italian and Jewish is not a "bad combo" at all! In fact, looks to me to be very shoen-issima.

And don't Black Belts go with anything, if you've got the right shoes?
James Edstrom said…
Bill said…
I think what she's wearing in that picture 'goes with anything'... just and apple ;-)