Ten Feet Deep

Ten Feet Deep, the hip, new band will perform a free concert at The Bitter End tomorrow night (147 Bleecker St., NY, NY – 9:30-11:30pm) to celebrate the release of their new album. The band, comprised of Pete Chema, Alexander Craig, Mike Leff and Brendan Ryan have shared the stage with Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavigne and Béla Fleck. Their self-titled CD includes tracks recorded by John Lissauer (producer for Leonard Cohen and Whitney Houston.) The twelve-song album includes their hit “Hands Down (Stranger)” - The new album is receiving airplay on radio stations across the country as their popularity grows. It is also available for purchase on iTunes. "We are happy to call The Bitter End our home base for NYC venues and we are thrilled to have our CD Release party there. The Bitter End is NYC’s oldest rock club. Everyone from Billy Joel and Blues Traveler to Bill Withers and James Taylor have launched their careers in front of that brick wall” says band member Alexander Craig. The band has been compared to everyone from Elvis Costello and Maroon Five, to Kings of Leon and Weezer. “We’d love to take credit for discovering these guys…Their catchy pop-ready song structures and sophisticated chord changes are coupled with emotionally intelligent lyrics and Alexander Craig's sensitive swagger…Ten Feet Deep's chemistry is palpable.” Entrance to the CD release show (although not guaranteed) will be first come, first served via RSVP’s to the band’s Facebook fanpage. A link to the event can be found at www.tenfeetdeep.com


Unknown said…
Pumped for the show!
Anonymous said…
Love their music!!!!