Friday, February 05, 2010




Kelly Cutrone

Our old friend, Kelly Cutrone, the lady in black, the fashion warrior, Whitney Port’s mentor and confidant, is everywhere lately! As if running her fashion PR firm, People’s Revolution in front of the cameras on The Hills and The City weren’t enough the premiere for her new Bravo show, “Kell on Earth,” and her new book a memoir/self-help /insider’s guide to working in fashion, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside on sale now. If You Have to Cry goes back into her personal past where she talks about her early days as a sparsely employed Manhattan “it” girl and how she developed her signature black style. She also divulges some surprising info about a former drug addiction, her recording contact with Atlantic Records, her marriage to Andy Warhol protégé Ronnie Cutrone and addresses her side of the Ashley Dupree story. Knowing that even though she has an amazing life now surrounded by gorgeous people and amazing designer clothes, even SHE has been knocked down – why do you think she’s so tough? We were particularly surprised to find out how spiritual she is and her beliefs about sending out love through her work. She also gives some for real advice to all the kids out there that want to work in fashion, telling them how it IS done and more importantly, how it ISN’T. There are fun lists about how to dress for work, how to invent your own religion, and our favorite, how everything good happens after 30, not that we’d know. Reality TV junkies and Hills fans will devour every page of this book, the rest of you will too.

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