Howard Stern

A top executive for Sirius XM satellite radio said Artie Lange, would remain a part of “The Howard Stern Show” and would be welcomed back to the program." In comments made Friday on “The Howard 100 News,” a news broadcast on Sirius XM that covers related matters to Howard Stern’s show, Tim Sabean, the senior vice president of the Howard Stern channels said, “Artie is very much a part of these channels, and we look forward to Artie’s fast recovery and we wish him all the best.” Mr. Lange has been on an indefinite hiatus from the show since December. After several of his stand up dates, including a performance scheduled for New Year’s Eve, were canceled, his representatives said that Mr. Lange had been hospitalized. The police told The Associated Press that Mr. Lange was hospitalized after he stabbed himself at his apartment in Hoboken, N.J. On his program Thursday, Stern said that the act was a suicide attempt, but has added that it was a private matter for Mr. Lange’s family to address.

Editors Extra: We wish Arte a very fast recovery. He is a very talented guy.

Photos By: RD/Leon/Sara De Boer/Retna