Victoria Principal

Former Dallas star Victoria Principal is fulfilling her childhood fantasy after becoming the first woman to buy a ticket on Sir Richard Branson's commercial passenger spacecraft. The actress is among almost 300 ticket holders who purchased a $200,000 suborbital day trip on the Virgin tycoon's VSS Enterprise. The two-pilot, six-person craft will be carried to the edge of space by a carrier plane, where passengers will experience weightlessness. Victoria was the first woman, to sign up for the adventure. She tells, "Going into space fulfils many desires I have of seeing the planet, going fast, going someplace very few people have been - and hopefully coming back down! I'm a passenger in something that is pioneering. This will become to our great-grandchildren what Wilbur and Orville Wright were to you and me." Virgin Galactic will begin testing the spaceship early next year, with the first flights due to launch in 2011.
Photos By: RD/Dziekan/Walter McBride/Retna