Tila Tequila

The always entertaining Tila Tequila has announced her engagement to socialite girlfriend Casey Johnson in an online video. Tila appeared with the Johnson & Johnson heiress yesterday morning in a video posting on Ustream.com. Dressed in black and kissing sexy Johnson, Tequila told her fans: "We have an announcement... This is exclusive and going to be all over the news tomorrow, but because I love you guys so much, we are giving you the exclusive first - Tila army fans - tonight, my girlfriend has asked me to marry her!" Tila then flashed what she called a "17-carat diamond ring from my baby", and hit back at all the gossip that the diamond is a fake, adding, "my baby is a [bleeping] baller. She's a billionaire! She's the heiress of Johnson and Johnson." Tila also says she is "very happy" and also confessed the couple are in a hurry to be wife and wife, explaining, "We're what you call U-Haul lesbians, where you meet and fall in love and move in the next day and have kids."
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna