Kathy Posner

Deborah Morrison has a family plan with Sprint. She has been a Sprint customer for two years. She pays her bill on time and upgrades to more expensive products when they become available. She is a customer that any phone carrier would be happy to have. But as of January 19th, Sprint has “fired” her as a customer. Morrison received a letter of termination from Sprint telling her that she “roams” too much.Until recently, she had been living in both downtown Chicago and in Grand Detour. Grand Detour, is an unincorporated village in Ogle County that was founded in 1833. The village is named because of an odd turn in the Rock River. Grand Detour is the historic site where John Deere invented the first successful steel plow. The population in the 2000 census was 742 people. It is a very small town. When she was living in downtown Chicago, there was not much roaming involved when she made calls with her cell phone. But Morrison recently gave up her home in the city and is only living in Grand Detour. This area does not have many Sprint cell towers nearby and this causes her cell calls to off-network roam. Sprint does not like this and has given her one month to find a new carrier. Sprint had previously sent her a letter telling her they would “give her an opportunity to change her usage habits,” but obviously she could not do unless she moved into an area with more Sprint cell towers. Morrison chose not to move, so Sprint “fired” her. In the current letter they wrote that to offset any inconvenience she would experience in finding a new carrier they would waive any applicable early termination fees. Since Sprint is terminating her, she should charge them a termination fee!. In the “About Us,” section of the Sprint web site (www.sprint.com) they describe themselves as company that: Sprint Nextel offers a comprehensive range of wireless and wireline communications services bringing the freedom of mobility to consumers, businesses and government users. Sprint Nextel is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including two wireless networks serving more than 48 million customers at the end of the third quarter of 2009 and the first and only 4G service from a national carrier in the United States; industry-leading mobile data services; instant national and international push-to-talk capabilities; and a global Tier 1 Internet backbone. The company’s customer-focused strategy has led to improved first call resolution and customer care satisfaction scores. Sprint says they offer the “freedom of mobility” to 48 million customers. Obviously the 742 people who live in Grand Detour aren’t important to Sprint and won’t be given the opportunity to receive the services of Sprint’s “innovative technologies.” Maybe if the population reaches 1,000, things will change.

Editors Extra: Sometimes I think Kathy Posner is watching me with her Crystal Ball from Planet Posner. I really have come to hate Sprint. They are a mean company who could care less about their customers. I have been through the mill with this company for years. You might ask, why do I stay with them then? The simple answer is, when the World Trade Center went down, they were the only company that still worked in New York City. When we had the East Coast blackout, I was all the way up in the Bronx with my friends and their phone went out, mine still worked. I was able to call my mother in Chicago and ask her to turn the TV on and find out what was happening in New York. This is why I have kept Sprint, and every day I regret it because I hate this company so much. I'm on my third phone this year alone. They sold me that expensive Instinct phone. It took almost a week for them to make it work. The phone only lasted a few months. It died and they made me buy another phone. I got a Blackberry. It's only a few months old and it is dyeing. When I got the Blackberry, they renewed my contract for another two years without even asking me. I am fed up. Most of the time when you call them, you are speaking to someone in India. They just laid off thousands upon thousands of Americans, but they have plenty of money to hire workers in other countries. They want American money, but they don't want American workers. I pay almost 120 bucks a month for their service. I got my kid a new Metro PCS phone. Unlimited text, talk and web for around 50 bucks. Not the same coverage like Sprint, but it is starting to look good. I think Sprint has a 250 dollar early termination fee. I'm thinking about canning them and if they charge me the fee, I will take them to small claims court. I will have to pay it at first, because they will ruin my credit. That's another thing. I think these termination fees are wrong. What do you do if you are so un-happy with a companies service and you are forced to cancel them and then forced to pay the early termination fee. This is not right and the politicians should make a law to stop this. You are forced to pay, because if you don't, they will report you to the credit agencies and ruin your credit. Sprint has gone the way of Bank Of America. They could care less about the customer and the bottom line is money. These companies are ruining America. It might also be interesting to report, that Planet Posner uses Sprint. She better watch out, Sprint may terminate her!