Bank Of America

Once again Bank Of America continues to steal from their customers. I closed every account with them, except I kept a savings account with a zero balance and I kept their checking account because I had direct deposit and everything was linked to this account to pay the bills. I cancelled their credit cards because they raised my interest to almost 25 per-cent. I could understand that, if I was a credit risk, but I have a higher credit score than most of Americans. It's bad enough that Bank Of America took bailout money and their CEO's continued to ride high on our money. It was bad when a few years ago I complained that they were switching transactions around so they could charge me more fees. They denied this, but recently they paid a 750 million dollar settlement without admitting any wrongdoing. Of Course... Each customer would have gotten up to 70 bucks, but with all the people filing, most people probably would have walked away with 5 or 10 bucks, so I did not bother. They just announced lower profits. Sure they did. They are ripping off their customers more and more every day, and customers are leaving them. America has had enough.

My newest complaint is this. I put a check in from The New York Post. From News Corp who is one of the biggest companies there is. News Corp is right down the street form the headquarters of Bank Of America. I have put many checks into my account from them. They always clear right away. Today I check my account, the stupid crooks of Bank Of America put a hold on my money. When I called, they say they have to make sure the check is good. What assholes. They tried this several times before. One time I put a check in with a teller from NBC television and they said they were putting a hold on it. I told them to give me the check back as this was wrong, especially since the account that NBC has is Bank Of America. I took the check to a ATM, where it cleared the next day. I have been avoiding getting rid of my checking account because of all the ties to all my bills. I guess the time has come to leave the crooks of Bank Of America once and for all. Chase is offering me 200 bucks to open a account with direct deposit and other banks are offering me the same. Bank Of America used our bailout money to pay Billions to CEO's who ran the bank into the ground and they used the bailout not to release credit to the consumers, but to open more branches everywhere to beat the competition. They stole America's money. With big bonuses for CEO's, this bank continues to rip off their customers. And if anyone is asking why Bank Of America puts holds on your checks, it is because they make interest from holding your money and not letting you spend it. Meanwhile they spend millions on television advertising telling you they are the bank to go to. I am telling you not too. I am cutting all ties once and for all. As soon as my checks clear, I am heading over to a bank that appreciates my business and does not look at me like a sucker. I waited too long already, it is time to tell Bank Of America once and for all UP YOURS!