Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump was escorted off a Delta Airlines plane in Florida after she became belligerent when children were running and screaming in the aisles, according to police. Authorities say the ex-wife of Apprentice star Donald Trump cursed at the children yesterday, and when flight attendants on the New York-bound plane tried to calm her down, she became even more aggravated. Ivana filed for divorce from her fourth husband earlier this month. She was not charged in the incident at Palm Beach International Airport. The Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies asked Trump to voluntarily exit the plane, but they said she refused. She was then escorted off.

Editors Extra: I have known Ivana for almost 30 years. This woman has always been calm and collected and in all my years I have never seen her mad at anyone or anything. In fact, one Christmas I was leaving a event at the Metropolitan Club and a homeless guy came along and asked for 50 cents. Ivana went into her purse and gave the guy a hundred bucks. Unlike ex-hubby Donald, Ivana is a very sweet person. I think the real story here, is why were children allowed to scream and run around the aisles of a plane. When you travel you get tired and you have a right to relax without children running around. The parents and the children should have been removed from the plane. I see it more and more in restaurants, planes and just about everywhere else. Parents let their children run around wild and they expect the rest of us to take it. If you ask me, I would have Ivana sue the airline for allowing the brats to break the law by running around a plane, which creates a dangerous situation for passengers and crew, and is also against the law. This is why I do not fly Delta anymore.....
Photo By: Walter McBride/Retna