Keith Collins With Brimstone

Behind the Scenes for the new cult horror classic KILLER HOO HA! A New Feature filmed Created and Executive Produced by Sean Pomper Productions Starring Richard Christy ( Howard Stern XM Radio Show), Sal Governale (Howard Stern XM Radio Show), Gina Lynn (Adult Star), Keith Collins (Games People Play, O.B.A.M Nude), Lloyd Kaufman (Toxic Avenger Series), Debbie Rochon (Fangoria), Gary Garver (, Leilene Ondrade (VH1), Erik Chopin (Winner of Biggest Loser), Brimstone (Pro Wrestler) and more... Fangoria, home of Fangoria Magazine/ Web site has shot a documentary on the making of Killer Hoo-Ha! Feature Film Killer Hoo-Ha! Killer Hoo-Ha will also be marketing the "Killer Hoo-Ha" drinking game. Every time "Hoo-Ha" is mentioned in the movie, take a shot, and the drinking game begins! Killer Hoo-Ha is already in talks for Worldwide Distribution. Killer Hoo-Ha! A Beauty Pageant serves as the backdrop where the contestants stop at nothing to be the winner. Seduction, lies, and petty rivalries begin to unfold as an unexpected guest "eliminates" the contestant's of the game before it even begins. Four hot girls including a Blondtourage, all vying for the title will stop at nothing to win, even if it costs desolate hotel serves as the backdrop for the "Miss Hoo-Ha!" beauty pageant show. When the sexy hopefuls start showing up it's obvious they will. Along with the money hungry Producer vying for a ratings win, this original, them their lives yet soon to be cult classic, is hopping its way on the bunny path into horror history.
Photo By: Heidi Kikel