Todd Spinelli With Frank Ottaviani And Kathy Carvajal

We stopped by Fox 5 New York studios very early yesterday morning to meet some great guys from Long Island where I grew up. Being back at the old studios where I used to appear on A Current Affair and Good Day New York many years ago was a real excitement and it was so wonderful meeting Fox 5 web producer and host Kathy Carvajal. It was also exciting meeting Frank Ottaviani, President of United Treatment Centers and Todd Spinelli, Vice President of UTRM. Together these guys have created a great new product called Aquafree, a waterless toothbrush. You may wonder, why would I need a product like this and the answer to your question is Travel. For all of us that travel and have to deal with the things you are and are not allowed to bring on the plane, this is one approved product. It is compact and all you do is brush and the job is done. For anyone that eats out at restaurants and goes clubbing and just about anywhere, this is one product that is a must have. Any regular readers of Times Square Gossip know how picky we are about even talking about a product. I make the publicity people send a case over and I have to try it with my friends before I will even think about doing a story. But this is one very convenient way to always be fresh and ready to go. Interesting too that they were telling me that they plan marketing for future versions of the Aquafree toothbrush to the very large Third World countries challenged in providing sanitary water to their populations. This could be a life saver in these countries where disease runs rampant in the water supply. Think of the applications in hospitals, in the outdoor recreation industry and military organizations. The possibilities are endless. To learn more about the Aquafree Toothbrush, visit their website by clicking here. It is amazing the things we learn from the Fox 5 Good Day New York webshow. Any Kathy Carvajal is not only a beautiful host, this gal really knows the web to bring her viewers the most interesting guests. We learned a lot on our visit to our old stomping grounds and we are going to watch Kathy's show on a regular basis.
Photo By: James Edstrom