Jeremiah Silva With Heywood Gould, Collen Doyle,
Evan Ferrante And Jordan Pretty

Heywood Gould who wrote the hit book 'Cocktail' was honored in a 20th world launch anniversary celebration with Tom Cruise look-a-likes and bottle spinning at a T.G.I Friday's the place where the blockbuster was filmed in Manhattan. The celebration coincides with Americas newest T.G.I Friday's grand opening in Penn Station in Manhattan. The Tom Cruise look-a-likes and bottle spinning behind the bar resembled the movie that was filmed over two decades ago. The movie was one of the most popular films in the bar and beverage industries. Millions wanted to become bartenter's after the movie was released. Bartending Schools from across the nation still run the Tom Cruise film clips in there ads today. Heywood Gould was a former New York City reporter and bartender that wrote Fort Apache,the Bronx, Boys from Brazil and Rolling Thunder. He is a New York institution. T.G.I Friday's in Manhattan is owned and operated by the Riese Organization. The birthplace of the popular chain was New York City. Today there are over 1000 restaurants in over 60 countries.
Photo By: James Edstrom