Soupy Sales

Television legend Soupy Sales, the very funny comedian who built his career on 20,000 pies to the face and 5,000 live television appearances across a half-century, died Thursday. He was 83 years old. Sales, who had health problems and entered Calvary Hospice last week, died in Bronx New York City, said his former manager, Dave Usher. At the peak of his fame in the 1950s and '60s, Sales was one of the best-known faces in the nation, Usher said. At the same time, Sales retained an openness to fans that turned every restaurant meal into an endless autograph-signing session, Usher told media outlets. Sales began his TV career in Cincinnati and Cleveland, then moved to Detroit, where he drew a large audience on WXYZ-TV. He moved to Los Angeles California in 1961. Soupy's pie-throwing act became his trademark threw all his life, and celebrities lined up to take one on the chin from Sales. During the early 1960s, stars such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis and Shirley MacLaine received their pie from the comedian on his television show. Sales was born Milton Supman on Jan. 8, 1926, in Franklinton, N.C., where his was the only Jewish family in town. His parents, owners of a dry-goods store, sold sheets to the Ku Klux Klan.
Editors Extra: The last time I saw Soupy Sales, was at A restaurant on 38th street. He looked very old, but his sense of humor ran throughout the restaurant. He was joking with everyone. I seem to remember he was with Sgt. Bilko star Micky Freeman. The two were buddies. This is one talent the world will surly miss!


Samantha K said…
Soupy Sales took so many pies to the face over so many years; truly, he was a man dedicated to his trade -- he'll be missed