The Girls Of Rick's

Rick's Cabaret is celebrating its 4th Anniversary as NYC's premier Gentlemen's Club tonight, Thursday, October 22nd, from 6-10PM. Rick's Cabaret is “the best strip club in New York,” according to Playboy.com. Tonight's festivities will be hosted by Ronnie the Limo Driver, an integral character on Howard Stern's radio show and will be attended by some other members of the Stern radio family. The Girls of Rick's will be appearing in their own personal sexy clothing, rather than the gorgeous gowns they are known for sporting. Tonight's celebration features a Safari theme. Expectations of tantalizing Rick's Girls in luscious jungle-style lingerie are high, and we're sure those sensational Rick's Girls won't let us down. Says 22 year-old Erica, 36-25-33, "Any man or woman who misses this party tonight will be sorry for years to come! " Known mostly for its hundreds of beautiful women but also for its fine dining and high end service, Rick's is located at 50 West 33rd Street, between Broadway and 5th Avenue. www.ricks.com