Blood Manor

This is really the kind of stuff that really pisses us off. Kevin Jonas with his fiance Danielle Deleasa early this evening went to New York's premiere Halloween hotspot Blood Manor on 27th street. This is the story we got from our photographer we sent down there. This is how he saw it, it probably will not be the version they release to the press. Their version will be how wonderful Kevin Jonas was. Well we are telling you it is a crock of crap ! First of all Kevin Jonas arrives with a police escort. This really get's our goat at Times Square Gossip. Our photographer over heard the cop say that he could not believe he got pulled off a case to do this S**T. We can not believe this either. We have cocaine dealers all over 8th avenue in Times Square harassing everyone walking by to try to sell them cocaine. I have complained endlessly to the Police department, and they do nothing. But they will escort Kevin Jonas to a haunted house on the taxpayers dime, and we are all supposed to be happy that the wonderful couple and un-talented Kevin Jonas are having some Halloween fun. Second of all, the owner Jimmy Lorenzo who is a really nice guy, saw the photographer and tipped off the Jonas Brothers press rep. Then the bodyguards were called and our photographer, who is one of the nicest guys in the world, got pushed and shoved and the shot blocked as the non-star walked into the haunted house. The owner was promised Kevin and his girlfriend would pose on the way out. As much as we adore Jimmy Lorenzo, he has to learn this is the oldest trick in the book. He should have let our photographer do his job. He should have let Blood Manors press people do theirs. CBS news was outside and also got shafted. The oldest celebrity trick in the world is, we will pose on the way out. They never do. All the clubs and restaurants should be made aware that they should charge these celebrities instead of being star-struck and giving them everything for free. All this on our streets, not the Jonas Brothers streets.

On another note, there is still time to see New York's premiere Haunted House. Blood Manor is located at 542 West 27th Street. You have this weekend and next weekend to have the scare of your life. Visit their website for more information www.BloodManor.com . Tell them Times Square Gossip sent you!
Jonas Photo By: RD/Dziekan/Retna


Anonymous said…
Amazing, considering Kevin is in Guadalajara, Mexico.
James Edstrom said…
He flew up because his girlfriend wanted to go to Blood Manor..... We knew that.......Now check your facts !
Anonymous said…
You tell em James!!!