Pedro Almodovar With Penelope Cruz

The Lincoln Center Film Society's NYFF arrived at its closing night with a premiere of Pedro Almodovar's "Broken Embraces."The film stars one of Almodovar's muses and rumored fiance of hotness Javier Bardem - Penelope Cruz, in a black a-symmetrical jacket and gray shimmery dress. Much is said of Cruz's beauty and its something that escapes me for the most part. But I must admit that she did have a certain shine to her the other night on the short red carpet amidst the Lincoln Center revamped Alice Tully Hall complex. Must have something to do with the millions of $ that went into reworking the structure.I would also venture to say that I was pleased to have had a stop and repeat with the likes of Cruz, Almodovar and Salma Hayek - who arrived so late to the event more than two/thirds of the press line had vacated - including myself, and this largely due to the inept minds handling the event who stated the event was done. Of course, this wasn't the publicity teams 1st event f**k up. It marked their 3rd screwed event - not that they appeared to give a rats ass about it, so it came as little a shock. Tres Incompetent! The film opens in limited release on November 20th and wide release in December - no doubt in time for Oscar consideration...