Kathy Posner

There are probably only five people on the entire planet who don’t already know that Chicago lost the Olympic bid in the first round! Garnering a pathetic 18 votes of 94, Chicago suffered a world-wide humiliation by not being able to stuff the ballot box. Losing in the final round to Rio would have been palatable to some, but the global mortification of losing in round one will be hard to surmount.It is estimated that about $100 million was spent on the Chicago bid effort. While the majority of that money was raised by the 2016 Committee, I am sure there was tax-payer money involved somewhere. For example, will the Committee reimburse the City for the expense of the “loser” rally in Daley Plaza? I doubt it. Will the salaries of all the city officials who went to Copenhagen be paid by the Committee? I am confident they did not count the time spent away from City Hall as vacation time.If the city had expended as much time, effort and money on combating gang violence, fixing potholes, solving the parking meter debacle, finding shelter for the homeless, etc. etc., we would have accomplished something productive for the city. Now all we will have to show for the bid effort is a pile of shredded documents.Some of the excuses I have heard for losing have been pathetic. My favorite one was that because Chicago’s number in the balloting was number four, and four means “death” in Chinese, Asian IOC Committee members would not push that button!Addressing reporters in Copenhagen, Daley dismissed the idea of another Chicago bid. “I’m disappointed but you go on with your life.” Daley said. "It’s already in this hemisphere, with Rio, and it would not make sense for an American city to try again in 2020. It’s in this hemisphere and they have to move somewhere else.” I don’t think the Mayor knows the definition of hemisphere for him to have said that. Some speechwriter is going to be fired when an educated pesky reporter, who is as smart as I am, points out that Chicago is in the northern hemisphere and Rio is the southern hemisphere. That’s DIFFERENT hemispheres, not the same!Maybe Mayor Daley attended a Chicago Public School as a child and never learned geography; so the error in understanding topography is not his fault.
Editors Note: Kathy Posner would have won the High Jump events hands down, because she would be jumping over every politician.