Famed actor Sir Ian McKellen's penchant for ripping out pages of the Bibles he finds in his hotel rooms has caught on. Die hard fans send him sections of text they've removed. The very openly gay "Lord of the Rings" star tears out a section of Leviticus, which condemns homosexuality, whenever he finds the book in hotel suites, and he has inspired others around the world to do the same. He tells Details magazine, "I'm not proudly defacing the book, but it's a choice between removing that page and throwing away the whole Bible. "I got delivered a package of 40 of those pages... that had been torn out by a married couple I know. They put them on a bit of string so that I could hang it up in the bathroom."
Photo By: Walter McBride/Retna


Anonymous said…
what they are doing is no different than pissing on the steps of the white house. if they want to be gay, let them be, they have that right and we can't infringe on that right. but for those who chose to believe in the Bible, the fact that these gay people rip out pages from the Bible is an infringement on the right for a religion to hold its beliefs whether it includes certain people or not. if gays are allowed to do such actions, then in turn, the rest of the people should be allowed to persecute them. is either action right?