Lavinia Co-op With Jessica Caplan, Mimi Imfurst,
Ryan Feyk, Eric Jaeger, Joseph Beuerlein And Geoffrey Borman

Mimi Imfurst And Ryan Feyk

Mimi Imfurst and Ryan Feyk onstage at The Diary of Anne Frankenstein at the 13th Street Repertory. Theatre A L'Orange invites you to sunny Bavaria, circa 1945, for the knee-slapping, heart-warming, stomach-turning, blood-curdling theatrical Blitzkrieg of the century! In an absurdist and hilarious re-imagining of the Mary Shelley legend, THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN follows Anne, a lowly hermaphroditic Franken-girl with big dreams and an even bigger diary, as she comes of age in the attic of an abandoned Nazi genetics laboratory. After years of peaceful anonymity, Anne's privacy comes unraveled when her cruel and twisted creator, Dr. Gustav Frankenstein, returns to the defunct compound with an eye toward his most fiendish experiment yet Πthe resurrection of Adolf Hitler! THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN stars 3-time Glammy and HX Drag Queen of the Year nominee, Mimi Imfurst, and the legendary Lavinia Co-Op, with Joseph Beuerlein, Jessica Caplan, Geoffrey Borman, Eric Jaeger and Ryan Feyk as the head of Adolf Hitler.

Photos By: Derek Storm / Retna Ltd.