In next weeks issue of Steppin' Out magazine, Horror scream queen Debbie Rochon sits down with Chaunce Hayden and alleges that Corey Haim was paid in full to do a movie in Ohio last week called "The Girl" and never showed up. Michael Jackson's ex bodyguard Scotty Cummings took over the role last minute.

Corey Haim

Debbie Rochon: Scotty Cummings who was Michael Jackson's bodyguard just did a movie, "The Girl" with me. He's a really nice guy and just wrote a book about his life as Michael's bodyguard. But he wasn't supposed to be in the movie. It was supposed to be Corey Haim. Corey had agreed to do the role and a convention to promote it. He asked for four grand to do both. But he insisted he be sent the money in advance. So the director sent him half the money and set up a huge convention to help promote the film. Just before the convention, Corey begs for the other half of the money. The director was uncomfortable because he didn't want to upset him. He really needed Corey. So he sent the rest of the money. Of course Corey never showed up for the convention and never showed up to do the movie. So much money was lost. I can't prove it, but it certainly is the behavior of an addict. Very sad. He destroyed the director financially. He had so little money. Just terrible.

NOTE: Mark Heaslip who represents Corey Haim confirmed Corey was paid for the film and had not yet returned the money.