We are very saddened by the death of Houston attorney John O'Quinn in a car crash Thursday morning on Allen Parkway in the famed city. O'Quinn and his longtime assistant, Johnny Lee Cutliff, died instantly when the lawyer lost control of his speeding SUV on the rain-slicked street and it slammed head-on into a tree just west of downtown. He won a string of judgments for victims of problematic breast implants, and helped negotiate a $15 billion settlement for the state of Texas from tobacco companies. Another lead attorney for Mrs. Arthur on the Anna Nicole Smith cases, Neil McCabe today told the Houston Chronicle, “Everyone is devastated, John not only was the head of the law firm but a person who took care of all of us and we are going to miss him very much.” Having only met this dynamic man once at a event in New York City, I really liked this guy. He was passionate about his work. He had a reputation for helping people that no one else would help. These are the kind of people I adore. Our deepest condolences to his family and the family of Johnny Lee.


Anonymous said…
RIP John O'Quinn.Your accomplishments will live on. What a guy this was. He gave so much to people less fortunate.And 11 yrs of sobriety to top it off. What a guy.