Vincent D'Onofrio

Television star Vincent D'Onofrio is confirming that he is leaving Law And Order: Criminal Intent. The actor star will leave the show during an upcoming two-part season premiere. Hollywood veteran Jeff Goldblum will replace him on the hit television show. A statement from the actor, who played Detective Robert Goren in more than 130 episodes between 2001 and 2009, reads, "After eight seasons, and with the addition of Jeff Goldblum, now is the perfect time for me to explore other acting opportunities and I leave the show knowing it is in great hands with Jeff." But he has assured fans his character won’t be killed off: "I wouldn't be surprised if Goren pops up from time to time."
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Anonymous said…
Can't you see what happened here? This was all in the making during the
past Season 8, the ole "set you up to fail" routine that the corporate
monsters are so good at.

The show had bad scripts, inexcusable continuity problems and the airing of episodes out of sequence. It had little to no promotion, was delayed more times than I can count and
half-hearted support at best. They don't give a rat's ass about the
viewers, they don't listen and now they have decided for us what they
think we should watch.

Bonnie Hammer is all about promoting her "blue sky" and "popcorn" crap because she thinks that we can't handle anything "dark", "dark" as in reality and instead would have us
skipping the yellow brick road to the Land of Oz.

Well, you know what?
Reality exists and yes, sometimes we like escapism but let us have a
choice! Even restaurants offer ala carte to their patrons. My answer to
them has been to come up with the idea to send jars of "Fluff" to the
execs as a symbolic gesture that they can keep their lighter fare

What they have done to LO: CI is downright shameful, a
show that's been around for 8 years and this is the thanks we get for
our loyalty, not to mention the disservice and injustice to the cast.
How can they wrap up 8 years in a 2 hour premiere? All we want is a
full Season 9 to properly tie up all loose ends and to give the cast a
mutually satisfying exit.

Money is a cruel bitch, but what you reap is
what you sow and in the end the money you think you saved is the money
you will lose when the viewers walk away once the key players are gone,
the ratings will be gone too.

And now that "Southland" has been
cancelled another nail is in the coffin for NBCU and it is my hope that
your network gets buried. For those that want to join forces to voice
your displeasure with the goings on with LO: CI please go to:
Anonymous said…
From: Outerbankschick's all about the money is it???


USA didn't seem to care so much about money when they scrapped multiple Nichols episodes for Season 8 - after they were already filmed! (From what I remember from the info about S8, they scrapped three of them, which is nearly half of all the eps for Nichols/Wheeler!)

They didn't seem to care about money when they got rid of the show-runner for the Nichols episodes - and some of the writers, too. And then had to rewrite scripts and re-shoot episodes!

They didn't seem to care about money when they postponed the start of S8 three different times!

Frankly, all this talk about money is pretty suspect after all of that.

USA took Criminal Intent from NBC so that Dick Wolf could have his landmark seasons and beat Gunsmoke. They promoted the heck out of our show for S7. They beat the Goren drum hard - even had him deliver a pie to Mary to "welcome" In Plain Sight to the USA Network. All those wonderful spots with Goren doing his distracted, head-scratching thing...even trying to lift the USA logo off the screen. Cuteness! And Eames standing by looking very amused with the logo thing...and then that neat spot with the "crime scene" being boxed up and carried away. Yes! It was clear that Goren and Eames were the DRAW! That was what was grabbing the fans attention. (Some very amusing Logan spots, too! Let me not forget him - it's just that we are talking Goren here, y'all!)

And now....

They are ditching Goren and Eames both, possibly Ross, too, and only keeping Nichols....the new guy who was supposed to be taking Logan's place as the "in tandem" detective lead.

Yes folks...that's "in tandem" as in "together" in "side-by-side" in "sharing the duties". That is how it is supposed to be....

Instead, USA has decided to make Nichols the darling and give Goren the boot. Goren, who is the foundation of the show and who the show was originally written around.

And please not take this as a slam on Jeff Goldblum for Pete's sake! It's not his fault that USA decided to try making Nichols a Goren-clone. He plays the hand he's dealt like anyone else.

The USA Network took us for a ride and then back-stabbed us. I do not for one moment believe that the "lighter fare" comments are the result of the TV writers' own opinions. It's coming from somewhere. (As in, from inside the USA Network!)

USA has handled this whole thing like a bunch of drunken frat boys telling stories out of school. They've leaked info to all sorts of sources and then, when most of the information was already out there, released their cop-out "official" statement.

The USA Network - other wise known as The Unprofessional Sneaky Asinine Network.

Keep fighting...keep believing...because the silence is more deafening than ever and this thing has been gathering momentum since the beginning. We have to keep pushing them...keep it rolling and let it snowball into something bigger and bigger...

This is a good week to deluge them with snail mail as well as email. With the big fluff shipment set for the 16th (Friday), how much better to have them buried in postcards and other fluffy stuff on that day, too!

MediaGod2004 said…
I agree with almost everything posted in two previous. Small diffs but not enough to talk about.

I WILL say this. I've heard nothing from Vincent other than the show is killing him in more ways than one. He is on his way to a heart attack if you ask me and needs to leave the rat race that these kind of shows can do to actors of his caliber. No slight to Erbe. She has done the one thing I doubt any other could do which was to carve her own niche alone Goren's character, has her own smarts and talents, and plays off Goren like a champion poker player. She reads him faster than he sees himself.

I have no doubt Goldblum will carry the show for at least 3 more Seasons and I hope a couple more than that. His character is NOT a duplicate to Goren at all. He is who he is all to himself, especially his humor, his bizarre qualities where Goren's was much more severe, Goldblum's is much more the goof, seldom wrong though like Goren.

I agree no network out there has handled some of the best shows correctly, especially as they have CI.