Robbie Williams

Pop star Robbie Williams wants to rejoin his former group Take That, after the release of his new album, Reality Killed The Video Star. The five singers have not performed together since Robbie quit for a solo career in 1995. The four other band members, Gary Barlow, Jason Orange, Mark Owen, and Howard Donald, disbanded the group in 1996, but reunited for a hugely successful tour ten years later and have released a string of successful hits in the United Kingdom. Now that the four are back together, the band has been plagued with gossip that Williams will appear with them, but so far nothing has happened. Williams is insisting he is open to the idea, but has refused to do so earlier because he feared his fans would think he was doing it as a result of his last album, Rudebox, flopping on the charts. He tells British radio presenter Chris Moyles, "I’d actually like to go and do something. I thought I’ll just hold off a little bit and get my album out and then I’ll go and play with my mates. We’ll see how it works out. I’m excited about it though. I’d like to do it - it would be fun… I’m not sure about the dancing and that though. "I was with GB (Gary Barlow) a couple of weeks ago and we watched the whole (comeback) show together and I just thought it was one of the best shows ever, it was phenomenal. I was sat there watching and I was thinking yeah, rehearsals, yeah, that’s what you have to do, isn’t it? "Absolutely amazing show, loved it. It made me want to be with them in the band. It was a bit like, well how do they top this then? Hold on, how do I top that?"
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna