Press NY Restaurant
379 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10016
(212) 679-4699

Photo And Story By: Ann Watt

Mushroom & Zucchini Whole Wheat Wrap With Spicy Fries

Press NY has the best wraps in town! Think crepes, but instant. The Press chef makes the wraps on homemade tortillas by PRESS-ing the dough into a tortilla right in front of you. The tortilla comes out warm, soft, and chewy and really differentiates this place from the million other wraps you can get in the city.. You select stuff to stuff inside, add some dressing, grab a drink and some fries and there you have it.

The way it works is, you:

1. Pick your dough (whole wheat or flour) and they press it into a wrap
2. Pick your meat or veggies - I chose mushroom and zucchini.
3. Pick your toppings - All of the options are fresh, be sure to ask for the crispy onions.
4. Pick your dressing - I went with the Blood Orange Vinaigrette.

All this adds up to a really delicious sandwich! A wrap fit for the hungry. Veggie wraps are $7.50, meat and poultry wraps are $8.50 or you can get a combo which comes with your choice of drink - wraps with choice of salad, soup or fries $12.00 or salad with choice of soup or fries for $13.00. You will have to wait a bit, and I can only imagine that during a rush it could be annoying. Still, with so many different possible fresh ingredients and toppings and dressings, it might just be worth it. The place is small and the decor is simple and clean; there is ample seating to sit and enjoy your food. Small or not, it’s a nice place to go to eat and relax with friends. Got the late-night munchies? On Friday and Saturday Press NY is open till 4AM!


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Fed Ex deliver? You are too cruel!
James Edstrom said…

Anonymous said…
It looks SO good, James!!!
Would Fed Ex deliver?
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