In the new issue of Steppin' Out magazine,'s (AKA The King of Infidelity) Noel Biderman, sits down with Chaunce Hayden and puts today's cheating increase all on former President Clinton. Biderman also vents about Howard Stern and why Stern (THANKS TO BETH OSTROSKY STERN) will no longer read his commercials himself.......
Noel Biderman In Steppin Out


There’s no question that President Clinton broke the ice when he said that oral sex is not sex. All of a sudden, young girls thought oral sex wasn’t sex. It degraded where and how sex took place and how it was viewed. Now If you give people opportunity, they are going to have affairs. They are going to cheat. That’s why people get angry with me. They feel I’m a facilitator of that technology. I’ve made it easy to cheat. I’ve made cheating mainstream. But it began in the White House.


The topic of cheating is so sensitive to so many people because they're so insecure in their own personal lives. Nobody wants to defend it or give it any daylight. One of our biggest radio partnerships (The Howard Stern Show) has the voice of the show (Howard Stern) migrated now where he won't read my ads on the air. He's got one of his cronies doing it because he just got married and wanted to put some distance between him and He's got Artie (Lange) doing the reads now. It's no longer Howard. That's fine, but the day people get married they get really queasy about this topic because their wives don't like it. So many women are livid about my service. They're furious because they're terrified. Women know why there's a strip club in every city in America. There's a reason why there are Escorts in the back of every phonebook. Who do you think is using all these services? It's married guys!