In this weeks issue of Steppin Out magazine, "Melrose Place" vixen Katie Cassidy sits down with Chaunce Hayden and talks about her relationship with her father, 70's pop star, David Cassidy. Katie also talks about her underage drinking arrest and beating out Jessica Simpson for "Dallas."


Katie Cassidy


Katie Cassidy: I never saw the TV documentary on my father.

Chaunce Hayden: No interest?

Katie Cassidy: We really don't have that kind of relationship. We don't really discuss much about the business or my career or his career. I don't know why. We just never really had gone there. For the most part we only talk about my personal life as opposed to my business life.

Chaunce Hayden: How would you describe your relationship with your father?

Katie Cassidy: He didn't raise me. So he's more like a friend if anything. He doesn't pass judgment, which is really nice in any aspect of my life whether it be work or personal. I can bounce ideas off of him, but that's it. It's nothing too complicated.


Katie Cassidy: I was just two weeks away from my 21st birthday. All I can say is, thank God I had chance to have a life before I was famous or a celebrity or whatever you want to call it. Because you live and you learn.

Chaunce Hayden: What did you learn?

Katie Cassidy: I was in the passenger seat of a car like I said, you live and you learn. I'm 22 now so I can't really talk about underage drinking because I'm not underage. It was an experience that happened and I'm glad it happened when it did.

Chaunce Hayden: Why?

Katie Cassidy: Because I had a life before any of this happened. I think it's really important for kids to grow up. Part of that is learning and going through things and experiencing them on your own so you'll be able to know what's right and wrong. I didn't have the show than so the incident wasn't really talked about as much. I'm glad that it happened and I learned. But I can't sit here and tell you I'll never drink again.


Chaunce Hayden: Didn't you beat out her sister, Jessica Simpson for a starring role on the film version of the TV show “Dallas”?

Katie Cassidy: I've hard that. I don't necessarily know what went down exactly with Jessica for “Dallas”. But yeah, I did end up getting that role. But the movie never got made. So…… That's just how it goes. You meet people all over this town who you beat out or they beat you out. It works both ways. You just have to be happy and blessed with what you have. I'm sure she is, and all is good.