Megan Fox

Hollywood star Megan Fox will not to step into a Wal-Mart store, after she was caught shoplifting as a young teenager. Megan, now 23, is admitting she was once busted for stealing make-up from the Olsen twins cosmetics line and was banned from shoplifting at the chain store anymore. Megan escaped with a very small punishment, has no idea if she is still not welcome in Wal-Mart, but she has never been back since. She says, "I don’t know if the ban was for life, but when I was 14 or 15 I did get caught and convicted of stealing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen cosmetics from a Wal-Mart. "They actually took me into the court and I had two choices and I took the second choice, which was wrapping (gifts) for Christmas, which was awesome, it wasn’t really a punishment. The other one was they were gonna make me wear a sign that said I stole from Wal-Mart and stand outside Wal-Mart for three days."