Saturday, September 19, 2009


Show Stopping Lani Misalucha

Lani Misalucha

Lani Misalucha performed her exciting show 'Voices' at The Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photos By: RD/ Kabik/ Retna Digital

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DPLew said...

We saw Lani last week. She had an unbelievable voice!!! The short version is she sung an aria that had everyone in tears, she didn't miss a single note all night, not one, and when she did covers of Celine Dion and a few other divas, she had to "tone down" her talent to only sing their range. Note that I am a fan of the divas she covered, this is not an insult to them, just explaining what a phenomenal voice this woman has. Definitely worth twice the price we paid. Also the drinks, ah, the drinks, strong and tasty. We thought they were a bit pricey, until we tasted them. OK, 50% more than at the cheap places but you get a triple shot, works for me!