Kelly Osbourne

Rock daughter Kelly Osbourne has revealed that she was a "full-blown drug addict" by the time she became a reality television star in "The Osbournes," and the high-rated show only made matters much worse. Kelly, who is the daughter of legend Ozzy Osbourne has revealed she was experimenting with drugs when she was as young as 13 years old, and was wasted while she was shooting the hit MTV show in her late teens. In a very candid chat with Ellen DeGeneres, which aired on Monday, Osbourne said, "By the time we started doing 'The Osbournes' I really was a full-blown drug addict. "It was at a time in my life where suddenly I was famous, my mom had cancer, my dad almost died in a bike accident, so I was going between a hospital in London and a hospital in L.A ... (and) I'd open magazines and it would be like, 'The fat daughter of Ozzy Osbourne.'" She also says she struggled with the abuse she received at the hands of jealous critics: "People would drive past our house ... and scream, 'You're fat and ugly, we hate you!' And it would be, like, consistently every Friday and Saturday night. It was a lot for me to handle and I didn't handle it very well." Kelly also says, that she wishes she had been more open about her drug problems with her mother, Sharon, but she felt so ashamed. She explained, "My mom had been in a relationship with my father for years and years and years when she tried to get him sober, and I was completely ashamed that I would have to go to her and tell her that her daughter had issues as well. "I wanted to tell my mom so bad and I knew she kinda knew, but I felt like such a horrible daughter because I felt like I'd let her down."
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna