Hayley Hasselhoff

Former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff's daughter is claiming her father’s recent trip to the hospital, following an alleged booze binge, was a drama over nothing. Hayley Hasselhoff says her mother, the actor’s ex-wife Pamela Bach, called for an ambulance to cause more drama. David was taken to hospital on September 20th, amid allegations the actor was suffering from alcohol poisoning. Hasselhoff’s wife Pamela Bach told reporters she had received a call from the couples daughter, Hayley, who claimed she had discovered her father in an "extremely drunk" state.
A pal of Bach’s then rang for an ambulance to rush to the scene. However, calls made between Hayley and a 911 dispatcher, obtained by TMZ.com, reveal the 16 year old urged the ambulance to be sent back to the hospital, insisting her mother was behind the claims. In the call, Hayley states, "Turn around… we’re completely fine. My mom is trying to cause something… nothing happened here at all." Hasselhoff’s rep later played down the incident, blaming his latest health scare on a bad reaction to a drug he had been prescribed to treat an ear infection.
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna