Times Square Gossip Editor James Edstrom

Thank you all my readers. Today marks the third year anniversary of Times Square Gossip. With over 12 thousand photos and around 10 thousand stories, I think we have learned a lot since we first started. At the beginning, I thought we could be like all the other gossip sites, but as time went on, I realized we could not stomach the dirty and nasty stories everyone else was writing about. It just did not feel right. I have been friends with many celebrities over the years, personal friends. I have always known both sides of the coin. I know what the celebrity goes through with the media and I also know what the press and the celebrity photographers go through. It can get very rough for both sides sometimes. Don't get us wrong, now and then there is no way around doing a story that may look nasty and not too flattering to the celebrity, but I go out of my way not to hurt anyone. If you go back in time to our archives, you can see the transformation from a child-like site in design, to a slick and sharp website, that we think looks better than most of the top sites out there. The photos are sharp and crisp in most cases, and that is due to some of the best photographers in the world. Walter McBride from Retna and his staff of celebrity snappers who are invited to cover every major event. To Justin Campbell from Buzz Foto, who is one of the most talented and youngest photographers around. His boss Brad Elterman discovered this four star snapper.

We owe so much to the celebrities who talk to us, and tell us what they are up too these days. The Public Relations people who send us great items and great stories on their clients. And most of all our readers, who comment on our stories and send us e-mails telling us what they think. I want to hear from everyone. Tell us what you think!
Photo By: John Martini


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! You have kept your "bones" about you and need a big round of applause!! You are one of my favorite sites to visit as you DO offer interesting and up-to-date info on various celebs. Your stories are fair and not usually biased or filled with nastiness. I especially like the stories on some of the less reported classic stars of
yesterday. I have enjoyed the insights (and pics) of the restaurants and events of NYC.

Thanks for sharing your talents!
Here is to the next 3 years!

passing thru
James Edstrom said…
Thank you for reading me everyday....