You Are Approved Suze Orman

Even with the big bucks they spend on celebrity endorsements, American Express continues to screw their good customers. Several months ago they cut my credit by around 60 per cent. Right out of the blue, this loser company cut credit to a customer who always pays his bills on time and who has a credit score hitting almost 800. My credit score is better than most of America. When I called them to ask why, they told me there had been too many inquiries into my credit and I was a bigger risk. So while I had them on line, I went to the credit companies website that they said gave them this information and I looked while I was talking to them on the phone. There were two inquiries. One from Bank USA and the other one was from American Express. I could not believe it. When I told the person on the phone this, they told me my report must be old. I said that I have the new one right in front of me, and it is not old. They argued with me that they had other information that I did not have. When I asked them what it was, they refused to tell me. They said "We can not tell you this". Already fuming from the crooks at Bank Of America, I was just plain pissed off. But I remember always watching Suze Orman, and she said never to cancel a credit card. So I kept this American Express Blue card, which has a small balance, and I kept the Gold card. Last week I just paid the yearly fee of $125.00 for the gold card. Days later, I get a notice that American Express is doubling my interest from 9% to almost 18%. Now I respect Suze Orman, but the time has come for Americans to speak up and cancel these cards. It is not fair that when you do not like the service and crooked tactics of American Express or the dirty foreign pigs of HSBC, and you cancel their cards, that your credit score goes down, you lose your credit history and you end up paying the price for not wanting to do business with them. I learned that over a year ago when I got tired of the crooks at Bank Of America, and I canceled their cards and my credit score dropped almost 68 points for 6 or 7 months till it bounced back. But I got smarter when HSBC took my credit line of ten thousand and made it $310.00. Where they got that figure, I will never know. I called them, they told me canceling their card would hurt my credit score, but I told them they already did from lowering my credit. That's another thing they get you with. When they lower your credit, your score goes down and all your other fees go up. I told them to cancel the card, it had only $144. bucks on it anyway. They questioned me on why I would do that, I might need $310.00. I told them I would not pay $39 dollars for a $310.00 card. They offered to waive the fee. I told them to go to hell, I am not staying at a company where I have been a good customer for a long time and have been screwed by them. I told them that by me staying with them, sometime in the future they would sell my account and make big bucks off the customers they scammed. I got around the lower credit score problem when you cancel a credit card, by opening up another account at another company right away. Therefor I had the same credit line, even more, because they gave me a lot more credit than HSBC had. American Express has always been full of crooks. Ever wonder why years top executives were forced to resign? It was because of age discrimination lawsuits and others. Employees were forced out of the company because of their age. A class action lawsuit was formed and they settled, but made everyone sign a agreement not to ever say anything to get the money. Not only do they screw their customers, they screw their employees. Didn't American Express take $3.4 Billion bailout funds from the American People? Then the top brass at American Crooked Ass, took their bonuses. Chairman and CEO Kenneth Chenault $6.1 million. Eward P. Gilligan, vice chairman: $3.5 million bonus plus $1.125 million cash incentive plan payment. Alfred F. Kelly, president: $3 million bonus plus $1.125 million cash incentive plan payment. Daniel T. Henry, executive vice president and chief financial officer: $2.1 million bonus plus $300,000 cash incentive plan payment. Stephen J. Squeri, executive vice president corporate development and chief information officer: $1.65 million bonus plus $675,000 cash incentive plan payment. Cancel your American Express cards and run to another company that will treat their customer right. And Suze, sister dear, we love you and your show, but I think it's time you start telling people how to fight back. It's time you start naming company names that are pulling these tricks. It's time you teach the consumer not to be a wimp. Can you afford it Suze? You are approved !