In this weeks Steppin' Out magazine, Shayne Lamas sits down with Chaunce Hayden and gets down and dirty about the Osbournes and the Hogans and why her reality TV family is different from them. Shayne also comes clean about her relationship with Matt Grant from "The Bachelor".

Shayne Lamas

On The Osbournes:

You mean are we flipping crazy like the Osbournes? No we’re not Hollywood nuts. Had the Osbournes really, really loved each other but were crazy and off the wall, they would have been our show.

On The Hogans:

I think that whole Hogan situation is very, very sad. I give them all my blessing that one day they’ll all be okay. But you have to have a strong family bond before you all decide to go on national television. Obviously Mr. and Mrs. Hogan were having problems prior to them filming the show. But then they tried to act all happy and loving. But it was all fake. It was bound to come out. It was one big disaster. But it was a disaster before the camera’s even started to roll. My parents are divorced but they’re good friends. There’s no surprises. If they’re going to get into fights, they’re going to get into fights. Going into a reality show you have to have a good head on your shoulders from the get go. I think the Kardashians had that going in. They grew up in this town. My mom has been in the tabloids many, many times along with my father. She’s had horror covers and horror stories written about her. She’s a former publicist for PMK. So we know how to deal with it when it happens. We’ve all been trained on what to do.

On "The Bachelor" And Her Break Up From Matt Grant:

I know the underlying truth. I know the real truth. Matt wasn’t with me to get a green card because he didn’t even know what “The Bachelor” was. The ABC producers were in London trying to find the most eligible bachelor and they ran into Matt. They quickly flew him out to L.A. and explained to him what the show was. He didn’t even want to do it. He flew back to London, but they kept calling him. Finally, Matt decided to do it. But he didn’t know much about the show. But he did want to find love and he loved American women. So he jumped on board. He really wanted to get married. It was never about just getting a green card. The green card rumor was all B.S.

Did She Really Love Matt?

That’s the number one question everyone asks me. Why would I waste my time with someone who asks me to marry them? Why would I waste my time like that? That is a moment I will never forget. That’s the first time someone asks me to marry them. We absolutely fell in love. But trying to live together while he was in London and I’m in L.A. just made it impossible. We were both walking down two different paths. One day we just looked at each other and said, “We love each other, but this is not going to work.” And we really tried. We just moved to fast and with all the publicity made it impossible. If I didn’t want to be there I would have left. There’s nobody there saying you have to stay and this is how you got to feel. That’s what I respect about “The Bachelor.” And that’s why I’m working with that production team again on my own show. Everything that happens on that show is very natural and real. If you like him you like him, if you don’t, you don’t. Personally I just don’t think it’s possible to find love on camera.