Darren Clinton

Every so often, an act from across the pond catches our ear and eye ... such is the case with newcomer Darren Clinton aka ‘Clint’. A touch of Robbie Williams with a dash of Oasis makes this talented newcomer someone to watch. He'll be in New York come September, with his friend, who has just collaborated on a project with writer/director JJ Abrams (Star Trek; Lost; Fringe). Clint has already written a few tracks for JJ, so stay tuned. Working with manager Angela de Fouw and our PR-pasha David Salidor, here in New York, we can expect a proper coming out party for Clint. His song "White Lies" went to #1 on the websites acoustic chart after 6 weeks, and he's just met with Universal/London. His acoustic version of Michael Jackson's "The Way You make Me Feel" is attracting listeners too. Welcome to NY Clint!
Check out three tracks of his on the music file service.


Anonymous said…
Saw Darren Clinton last week in Manchester (UK) - he rocked! Get ready New York - he's at the Bitter End Monday 7th Sept 8pm, dont miss his set!
Anonymous said…
Just heard he's at Arlene's Grocery Tues 8th, 9pm - catch him twice!

Scott are you coming over from Brooklyn? Meet you 8.30!