A judge has postponed a court hearing for pop singer Miley Cyrus alleged stalker to give investigators more time to conclude their search of his home. Mark McLeod, appeared in court on Tybee Island, Georgia yesterday, after he was arrested twice for hounding the star. But Judge Steven Scheer pushed back the preliminary hearing until August 25th, because the results from the raid of McLeod’s Georgia home weren’t prepared. The lead investigator was also unavailable for Tuesday’s court appearance. A lawyer for McLeod told reporters outside the courthouse his client is "a human being" who had recently lost his job and is still grieving following the death of his mother and brother in the last 18 months. Attorney James Byrne said, "People need to understand that, really, he’s a human being. If there’s something wrong, we need to address it. He’s one of our fellow citizens who might need some help." McLeod was taken into custody earlier this month, after Georgia police spotted him loitering around the set of the actress’ upcoming movie The Last Song. That arrest came just weeks after he was cautioned by cops for making "inappropriate comments" to young Cyrus fans. On that occasion, McLeod was set free because authorities claimed there was no room for him in jail and they didn’t consider him a threat to himself or others. Miley has been granted a temporary restraining order against McLeod.
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna