Michael Jackson

Pop singer Michael Jackson may have accidentally killed himself. Jackson could have injected himself with a deadly anaesthetic. New media reports are suggesting Jackson woke up alone in his bedroom and couldn’t find his personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray. Hoping to get back to sleep, the singer injected himself with a deadly shot of Demerol, according to Entertainment Tonight. A source tells the show, "Michael may have awakened from his induced sleep sometime in the middle of the night, and with no one around to help him, injected himself with a deadly shot of Demerol." The show’s investigative reporter Diane Dimond, says, "Once the toxicology report is released we’ll finally have answers."


Anonymous said…
This is BS! First, the knock out anesthetic was in an IV drip. No way could he have put that in his arm. No way could he have (later) gotten up, gone searching, found another drug and shot himself up. Logically, it does not work!!!

Someone is trying to wiggle out of responsibility but we have seen that before: The ANS case ALSO had a huge time delay before EMTs were called. Too much crap.The CA legal system will bring charges.