Photos By: Ann Watt

Kristen Thompson With Camille Campbell Von Arnin,
Larry Cummings, Melissa Olcott And Camille Campbell

Hosts Kristen And Richard Thompson

Ellie Libby With Lynda Packard And Cece McCarton

Swifty's Stephen Attoe And Neal Myers

On Sunday August 16th the McCarton Foundation hosted its inaugural Garden Party in Southampton. The McCarton Foundation is one of NYC's leading Schools and Research Centers for autism and developmental disabilities. Among the gorgeous gardens at the breathtaking home of Kristen and Richard Thompson, the Foundation made their big announcement that they are moving into a new 30,000 square foot space in Chelsea, just in time to start the new school year. The fun-filled party was held pool side with Roberta Freymann decorating the home and Swifty’s delighting the palettes, the food and d├ęcor were not to be missed. Among those celebrating were Maxmiliano Palacio, Alex and Kate Donner, Camille Campbell Von Arnim, Lisa Anastos, Nina and John Richter, Clay Tompkins, Sandra Ripert, Michelle and Laur Blumberg, Sue Devitt, Lynda Packard, Maggie La Monica and Chris Tierney, Lisa Crawford, Sandra Coudert, Howard Cox, Brad Shaheen, Susan Waterbury, Melanie Seymour Holland, Amy Hoadley and Jim and Ellie Libby. The opening ribbon cutting for the new McCarton Foundation will be in early November 2009.


Founded in 2002, The McCarton Foundation is dedicated to increasing the educational opportunities for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. The McCarton Foundation supports The McCarton School, which provides a model program for educating children with autism; The McCarton Center for Research, which conducts research studies in autism education; and The McCarton Training Institute, which is a training and consultation source for practitioners and families. Tuition to the McCarton School covers less than half the annual operating cost and we rely on the generosity and support of benefactors to make up the differences. To make a donation please check their website .