In next weeks issue of Steppin' Out magazine, Mary Jo Buttafuoco opens up to Chaunce Hayden about Joey, Amy, sex tapes and what it will take for her to do a reality TV show with her ex. wacko hubby…. And who saved her from a deadly drug addiction!

Mary Jo Buttafuoco


It was a revelation that was made to me by my son Paul. It was right after Joey and Amy [Fisher] went to New York for their date and they were going to divorce their spouses for a reality show. It was the most ridiculous, hurtful thing I had ever seen. They were on the cover of the New York Post, kissing and hugging. I was very hurt. I was blown away. Our kids, Paul and Jessica were furious. They didn't talk to their father for a long time. It was Father's Day in 2007 and my kids refused to see their father. They said, “Fuck you, I don't want to see you.” So they spent the day with me and Stu, my fiance. We were in the back yard and it was a beautiful day. I said to Paul, “Oh my God, I don't get your father and why he would do something so stupid.” Paul turned and said to me, “He'll never understand mom. He'll never get it because he's a sociopath.” I didn't believe him. I think as O.J. Simpson or Scott Peterson as a sociopath. Joey never hit us or was verbally abuse. That night I looked it up on the computer. I typed the phrase, “Socialapathic tendencies.” And when the list came up it was Joey. It was Joey! I went, “Oh my God! This is the answer to the puzzle that I've been looking for, for 25 years!” There's a difference between being a jerk and a sociopath. It takes a real skill to be a sociopath. Like Bernie Madoff. He's not a con man. He's a sociopath. He doesn't even care that I'm calling him a sociopath because he has no shame, guilt or feelings.


In my opinion Amy Fisher is not a sociopath. She doesn't have the personality. I know she'll have a fit if you print this, but she's more of a psychopath. That's the word that comes to mind. To do what she did, pull the gun on someone she never met and pull the trigger. When I forgave her, that was more for me. That was to remove the anger that I had. I had a lot of anger. I still don't think Amy can deal with what she did to me. It's easier for her to bury it way far down and just say to people, “Mary Jo is fine. Everything is cool. Look, she's got money.” That's her defense mechanism talking. I don't think she really feels that in her heart. It was so easy to believe Joey back when it all happened, because Amy really is crazy. She's nuts! She's really insane. So it was easy to believe everything that Joey told me. But that's what sociopaths do. They look you in the face and lie. Joey just never knew when to shut up.


I remember every freaking minute of it. I remember the conversation we had. I remember everything! I was in the backyard and she rang the doorbell. I looked through the house and could see this kid standing on the front stoop. I said, “Can I help you?” And she said, “Are you Mrs. Buttafuoco? I need to talk to you about your husband Joey.” I thought nothing of it. I thought she probably needs an estimate for her car. Up till the second it happened was there any indication that anything was going to go wrong. Nothing. Then she told me that Joey was having an affair with her little sister. I looked at her and she looked 14 years old to me. I thought, “Little sister? How old are you?” I'm very New York that way. I didn't get rattled. I just thought, “ What is this kid talking about.” I knew she was lying. She hesitated when I asked her name and she said, “Ann Marie.” And she pointed in the wrong direction when I asked her where she's from. I quizzed her like a mother would quiz their teenager about something. I never felt fear. I was more annoyed. So I said, “I don't know why you're here or why you're telling me this, but I'll call Joe and ask him about it. Thanks for coming by.” I was trying to be polite. When I turned my head it was over. I never saw the gun. She never threatened me with a gun. There was no violence in her face. I wasn't scared.There was just pressure on the side of my face like I got hit with a baseball bat. It was like an explosion. But no pain. I can still hear the explosion. Like a firecracker. But I didn't know I had been shot. My last thought was, Where did she get the bat? She got me. She hit me with a bat.” Everybody always says I was so lucky. If I were lucky, I wouldn't have answered the door that day. To this day the bullet is still in my head.


Xanax and Percocet were my best friend as the years went on. I was in no shape to leave Joe or confront him. I was so sick. It just wore me down. I felt stuck in the marriage. I became a willing victim. I was up to about 30 pills a day. I weigh a 100 pounds and I'm 5' 3” and I was taking 100 pills a day. As all the bullshit went on with Joey, it just became easier for me to take pills and zone out. I did that for 7 years. I couldn't get off them. The withdrawal was awful. I knew I had to be hospitalized. I ended up in Betty Ford. I owe my recovery to Dominic Barbara who put me in Betty Ford. He was generous to offer that gift to me and gave it to me. He paid for everything. It saved my life. Dominic saved me life. I'll always be grateful to him for that.


When Joey's sex tape came out I felt more for my kids. I just raised my eyes and thought, “Oh my God.” But I really felt bad for my children. This is there dad. He just doesn't care. They go long periods of time without speaking to Joey. When they do speak to him they keep it very light. It's more about the weather and work. Nothing more. Joey like all sociopaths just can't care. He's not capable of caring. So the kids have learned this is what he is and they take him with a grain of salt.


None of them are really my favorite. I think they're all kind of ridicules. They were all so silly and done so fast. But the one that is the version of me and Joey that pops up on Lifetime with Alyssa Milano is the one that is most accurate. I just watched it recently with a critic's eye and I thought it's kind of truthful. It doesn't portray Joey as too bright. It still holds up. That's the one of the 3 that I'm not ashamed of.


I think the judicial system as a whole is f****d up. Anybody who attempts to murder somebody and there's proof of it and only gets a few years in jail…There's something wrong with the system. We see it all the time. People kill people and only serve 8 years. Look at Robert Chambers. He killed someone and he got the same sentence that Amy Fisher got. I'm being personal about this… No, I don't think Amy got enough punishment. 20 years would have been fair because I didn't die. I guess you have to have some kind of cap on it. But what would have been fair is her not shooting me in the first place. She intended to murder me; she shouldn't be awarded for not succeeding at it.


I've approached for a reality TV show. They want it to be me, Stu, Joey and his wife. I just ignored it. I'm not doing it. No, no no! It's so insulting! I'm a victim of a violent crime! How could they even come to me with this? Are they crazy! They better have 10 million dollars for me after taxes if they're serious about it. Because that's what it would take. It would have to be so much money that I could go live on an island somewhere so I never have to hear about it again.

EDITORS EXTRA: I met Amy Fisher a few times. I broke the story on how she was pregnant and I did the baby photos for Globe Magazine and the world. I remember being in her apartment in Babylon Long Island. I liked her then boyfriend and future husband Lou Bellera. He was a very nice guy. But Amy, was cold, calculating and not very friendly. She was being paid a huge amount of money to do this photo shoot. She seemed to care less about the baby and was more concerned with us agreeing not to call her the Long Island Lolita in the story. Lou was watching over the child, but Amy only picked up the kid when it was time for the photos. I did not like her at all. She is very smart. She knows how to milk what she did for the money. She has sold endless interviews and photos. It seems kinda sad, that Mary Jo is in pain the rest of her life, while Amy makes money off of shooting her. I hope some day Mary Jo will find some justice for the suffering she has endured. Amy on the other hand, will never care or understand what she has done.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like they are both loose cannons and society is someday going to pay big time...
Cynths said…
There's a special place in hell for her and joey. I admire Mary's courage through all that happened.