Rock icon Joan Jett has filed a lawsuit against her former band member Jackie Fox, accusing her of meddling in the production of a film biopic of the famous band. The movie, based on the story of the 1970s American all-girl rock group, is currently in production and stars Kristen Stewart. According to, Jett claims Fox tried to halt filming until she has seen and approved a script. Jett is insisting there is no character based on Fox in the movie, and alleges the former bass player "threatened" Jett’s business partners, claiming she has the right to be paid for the use of the Runaways name.The band was formed in 1975 by Jett and drummer Sandy West. Fox left during a 1977 tour of Japan, just before the rockers were due to appear at the Tokyo Music Festival, and was later replaced with Vicki Blue. In the suit, Jett insists Fox has no right to the band name or any cash made from it, and is seeking damages.
Photo By: Walter McBride/Retna