In an upcoming issue of Steppin' Out magazine, "The Hills" Jayde Nicole (Brody Jenner's Playboy girlfriend) sits down with Chaunce Hayden and give Audrina Patridge a stern warning: STAY AWAY!. Nicole also tells Hayden how she feels about Heidi and Spencer, why Doug Reinhardt can't get paid and how she really feels about Brody.

Jayde Nicole


My boyfriend is Brody and it's been that way for almost a year. I have a big problem with Audrina Patridge. She recently crashed a boys weekend in Hawaii and proceeded to tell Brody she had a crush on him. She pretty much hit on him and tried to hook up with him even though she knows we're dating. So we got into a big argument. I really don't like her. Brody is Lauren's (Conrad) ex and she's supposed to be Lauren's friend, but she still tried to hook up with Brody right in front of her. She knows I'm in love with Brody but she still went ahead and tried to hook up with him. I have a real problem with her. A lot of girls try to flirt with Brody, but he's good about it. But if I saw Audriana trying to hook up with him again, there would definitely be a scene. I don't know if I would physically fight her. But there would definitely be some loud words and some thrown drinks towards her.


If Brody asked me to marry him today I would say yes. I've known Brody for three years. When I first met him I had the same thoughts in my head that everyone else does. I thought he was a player and a jerk. I didn't like him at all. I was actually very rude to him. I was always super rude to him. But over time I got to know him. He finally wore me down and once I got to know him I realized he's the complete opposite of what everybody thinks of him. He's the most down to earth, hardworking person that I know. He's the sweetest guy ever. He's not a player at all. People just care about what he's doing and his relationships. But he's the sweetest guy. He's really not a jerk.


Doug and Brody used to really good friends. He was on "The Hills" for a brief moment. But there was a thing in the newspapers where Doug and Paris were on a red carpet somewhere bashing "The Hills," saying it wasn't real and all kinds of other stuff. So I wouldn't blame MTV if they don't want him to be on the show anymore. After you bash a show you can't come back and ask to be paid by the show. It's not very realistic if you ask me. He's a whole story on his own. I know him pretty well.


I personally like Heidi. She's very sweet and very ambitious. I don't think she would hurt a fly. Brody has been friends with Spencer way before any of the TV fame came along. Now he's all about getting his name and his face out there and he's very good at doing that. He's seriously crazy. It's like a car crash. You don't want to look but you can't stop staring. You don't know what is going to come out of his mouth next. He just doesn't care what he says or what people think of him. He doesn't care if you hate him.


It's pretty crazy. Most have to get nude for Playboy. I don't know how she got away with that. It's a beautiful layout and she's in really good shape. But Playboy is smart. They know that "The Hills" is a really popular show and Heidi hasn't done anything slightly close to this nature. They knew it would still sell copies. Although I was really Surprised it was not a fully nude layout. I think Playboy seems to be getting more conservative. They're more like Maxim now. I'm sure they know what they're doing, but I was really surprised.
Editors Note: For some reason Steppin Out changed the cover of this issue, so we have replaced our photo of the cover as well.