The Following letter was a reply from us, to one of our fireman hero's who answered the call on 9/11. He still suffers everyday from the effects of that horrible day in history. He will be announcing his run for Congress on September 11th. We can not tell you who he is yet, but once again this hero is answering the call to help America. He feels the people that represent us in Washington have let him and the other hero's of 9/11 down. We agree. In the meantime, click here to visit the Gear Up Foundation to see what you can do to help our hero's that still suffer everyday from the effects of this tragedy.

The World Trade Center Bombing

Dear (deleted),
You are a blast. We need real people in Washington to give real people what they need. And that should be our slogan. lol... I am appalled at our government and also our media. To think that I faxed and e mailed every media outlet to tell them about the asbestos at ground zero, and they all ignored. I feel like everyone let our heroes down. As someone that was hired to photograph the 1993 bombing, I knew there was asbestos there. As I said, I sat inside the Trade Center waiting for the OK to go down and photograph the damage for the Port Authority. I was hired by their P.R. firm. I sat waiting is some restaurant in the trade center, right above the garage. Hours later, they came running back saying we all had to leave, there was asbestos and it was not safe to breath. I got paid 500 bucks anyway. Everyone ignored my warnings. I would have gone down there, as I am a photographer and that is what I do. Take Pictures. I knew what was in the air. I was on the phone with my mother, and she asked me if I was going down there, and I told her no and why. I told her I faxed everyone in the media and that no one would listen. I complained that people should know the risks and decide for themselves to risk their lives. My nephew wanted to go from Chicago to NYC to help. He was only a kid, but I told my sister and him not to go. He came anyway, but lucky by then the streets below 14th street was blocked off and he ended working for a week at the Armory on 27th street helping ID Victims for the families. Everyone ignored my pleas. I am a respected member of the media and they ignored me. When I first wrote about this 3 years ago, when I started my website, everyone still ignored. No one wants to admit that our government lied to us. I remember clearly watching someone from the EPA, I think it was a woman, saying tests would be weeks to come back on any toxins in the air and on the ground. I hit the roof, and started calling media outlets, because my fax was ignored, and telling them that this was not true. Why did the tests come back in a few hours in 1993 and then they are telling America it would take weeks. Still to this day, as I sit in Langans drinking with my media buddies, and 9/11 will come up, and I tell my story, no one seems to either not want to believe me or listen. I am very surprised I never got called to testify in Congress. I am sure it is because they know I will call them all liars. I am just about the only proof that our government let our heroes die. I am just about the only proof that the government lied. I know about many other things that went on down there when the towers collapsed. I know about the looting, the arrests for looting before the towers fell. No one would ever print that either. No one talks about the very stupid thing the city did, by putting the emergency command center in a building that had already been bombed. They do not tell you about the diesel fuel stored there by the city. Lies lies lies. Though I love being a American, I feel like a dirty American. I think the time has come for men like you, to take our government back. I am very proud to have met you last night, and you can count on my support in any way you need to throw the bums out and take America back. I am also saddened by the fact the you continue to feel the effects of 9/11 in your life. No one can ever understand the pain and suffering you endure every day, and I am sure you do not understand why the government has let you and our other heroes down. The public has to learn once and for all, these guys that have been in Washington for so many years, just do not get it anymore. I am so boiled up answering this e-mail, I am going to publish it, deleting your name, because everyone will just have to wait for you to put on your fireman boots and start kicking these asses out of office.

All The Best,

James Edstrom


Anonymous said…
I am proud of you for the stands you have made, James. This is another example of what I think a good person would/should do. And you did it. Thank you for sharing your letter and the background info.
James Edstrom said…
I only do what I feel is right. The real hero's are the ones who protect us everyday.