David Garrison

Actor David Garrison has been a familiar presence on both the stage and on TV-land; he played Steve Rhoades on the successful show Married … With Children; alongside Christina Applegate, Ed O’Neill; and Katy Segal. He’s been in Wicked (as the Wizard); The Pirates of Penzance; Bells Are Ringing; and Torch Song Trilogy, among others. He’s also been a recognized face on NYPD Blue; Law And Order; Murphy Brown; Without A Trace; Judging Amy and, Everyone Loves Raymond. At one point, after four years on Married, Garrison asked to be let out of his contract …. to return to the stage. At his going away party, the producers gifted him with a blow-up photo of his character’s mug shot, with the caption … “Gotta’ sing, gotta’ dance, gotta’ f**king starve to death!” He parted on good terms, returning four times in subsequent seasons detailing the career his character has pursued since he’d last been seen. On September 12th, Garrison will debut ‘Red Remembers’ at the Berkshire Theatre Festival in Stockbridge, Mass. Barber, is of course, the legendary sportscaster and American-raconteur Red Baber. Barber, who brought baseball into the homes of countless fans, was a southerner transplanted to New York, who besides being on the radio, became a writer and humorist in the grand tradition of Mark Twain and H.L. Menken. John Rando, who directed Urinetown on Broadway (and, won a Tony) is handling the directing duties.”While I was doing Wicked on Broadway, we did a one-night presentation at the Vineyard Theatre Off-Broadway and the response was extraordinary, and we knew we needed to talker the play to a full production. Kate Maguire at the Berkshire Theatre Festival read the script and invited us to create the premiere at BTF.”