Keith Collins

New York native Keith Collins isn’t feeling the hit of the recession. As New York City's premiere top celebrity party promoter for hotspots ANTIK Lounge, IMPERIAL and CITRINE and founder of Keith Collins Media, Inc., Collins is on the rise as a much sought after actor by independent filmmakers and producers. Collins is juggling a number of film projects (five to be exact) and he couldn’t be happier. “I’m thrilled to be doing something that I am passionate about. I love the day to day challenges of playing different characters and luckily I haven’t mixed any of them up yet,” says Collins. Look for Collins to star in Dave Broitman’s upcoming film WAKE FOR JAKE, Filmmaker Joe Valenti’s E-8: THINK TANK and appearing in Producer Ken Del Vecchio's FAKE which is in negotiations with Macaulay Culkin for the lead, the years most controversial film O.B.A.M NUDE and THREE CHRIS’S starring Academy Award Nominee Charles Durning.Collins caught the acting bug when he was cast by Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker James Ronald Whitney in the critically acclaimed film GAMES PEOPLE PLAY – NEW YORK. Collins’ memorable character in the film suffered from Tourette Syndrome which ironically Collins is also an advocate for.
Photo By: Derek Storm