In this weeks Steppin Out magazine, stunning Kourtney Kardashian vents to celebrity columninst Chaunce Hayden why she recently went ballestic at Starbucks.

The Kardashian's

Chaunce Hayden: When was the last time you lost your temper?

Kourtney Kardashian: I just got into a fight at Starbucks the other day. The girl behind the counter and I had a fight. I ordered this extravagant drink and I like two honeys from the honey packets put inside my drink. And the girl was like you can do it yourself. So I said back, “So when I order it and say, 'with two honey packets' you won't do it yourself? She said, “No, you have to do the honeys.” I yelled back, “No thanks! Every other person does it for me! Nobody ever says you have to do it yourself!” I order the same thing every day. So I yelled, “No thanks, you can do the honeys! That's why I told you to do it. Duhhh!” Khloe was so embarrassed to be standing next to me. I said right in front of the girl, “Well it's really rude to have an attitude this early in the morning before I've had my coffee!” When I left it got worse. I normally get milk in the drink. But she didn't mark down on the cup what else to do. So by the time I actually sipped my drink it was completely wrong. So I called Starbucks and complained about the girl. I vented, “I know you probably don't care but I need to vent to someone that the girl totally messed up my drink and I think it's very rude.” It just bothered me so much. If someone was working for me and wasn't doing their job right I would want to know. Plus if you wait on line and pay 5 dollars for your tea you want it to be right.


When that rumor started I had never met Chris Brown. When the first report came out I swear I never met him. Recently there was another rumor that I was out partying with him. We were both at the same club but we weren't together. I never had even met the guy. I was hanging out at a club in Miami with Reggie (Kim's boyfriend, NFL star Reggie Bush) and some of his friends. The tabloids confused a friend of Reggie's as Chris Brown. It was just crazy! It was right after his incident with Rihanna. So it wasn't the best look for me. How do I get myself into these situations? I don't know him. I met him just one time since that rumor started.


I would beat the shit out of him. Literally. Honestly, if anyone ever hit me I would just beat the shit out of him. But that would just be the start of it. My sisters and I are so united. If someone even hit any of my sisters there would be war. I would just go crazy.


I think people do cheat. It's reality. I've always felt that all men cheat.I don't know if it's all men. But definitely 90 percent of them. I also think women probably do the same thing. I don't believe in it. What's the point of having a boyfriend if that's what you're going to do?


We're dating. But I don't like talking about it. I've learned that the more you say about that stuff…I've just learned. It's hard to talk to the press about a relationship knowing the other person might read it. It's not the best way to communicate.


Anonymous said…
Rude and arrogant much like Paris... born with the silver spoon, they are gagging on life.

I find them boring. Other than their wealth, what of their lives? ZIP!