Click Above To View Ethan Hawke And The High Line

In the depths of the meatpacking district in Manhattan you can find elevated railroad tracks that span just over a mile - tracks that ride over 70 years of history and plantation set in the heart of New York City—we call this the High Line. It’s quite possibly one of the most compelling attractions that New York has to offer. As you walk 30 feet in the air, you go on a timeless stroll from today’s modern architecture and into the city’s past, through a modernized hotel to an old meatpacking plant to the Chelsea market building. It’s a blend of old and new, passé to au courant. It’s purely visible. Walkways break apart to allow plant life to flourish. And the view…is just wow. You’re essentially looking through the ins and outs of the city. Definitely feels like you’re floating in mid air. It gives credibility to High Line’s nickname: “the park in the sky.” Thanks to Robert Hammond and Joshua David the city is finally giving High Line its new look. Due to their tenacity and determination they were able to preserve High Line’s substance and convert it into something aesthetically pleasing. Think of its renovation as a mile long promenade, but cooler of course. Get involved with the High Line community and initiative through Pepsi’s “Refresh Everything” campaign. Pictures, video, a virtual stroll through the park and more can all be found here.